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About us

Devi Kids is a family-owned business with a purpose to provide early education and care where laugh, learn, live and love are the basics.  To achieve this, we are involved every step of the way.

Firstly, we know that care excellence is where it all begins. Our passionate and professional teams throughout Devi Kids are committed to giving careful attention to every child and every relationship.

Secondly, all of our spacious centres are purpose built so we can strike the perfect balance between providing innovative early education experiences and meeting the needs of the communities we operate in.

We have a direct partnership with the International School Breda. This allows us to share our expertise and use it to set up continuous learning pathways, to integrate policy, vision and to innovate.


Our Schools of Early Learning


Devi Sonsbeeck

Providing quality early educational experiences for children 10 weeks to 4 years, our centre has 3 groups located across three areas; babies, toddlers and little scholars. Outdoors our children particularly enjoy adventures around our natural play area.  For our green fingers, our edible flower and vegetable gardens provide countless hours of eco-education and fun.

Devi Ginneken

Located on the Prins Hendrikstaat, this single story facility offers bilangual (Dutch & English) high-quality learning experiences for children 10 weeks to 4 years. Our Ginneken centre has 3 groups located across three areas; babies, toddlers and little scholars.

As you walk through our doors you'll find a beautiful outside area with a custom-built wooden play house, natural play material and a calming Zen garden for balanced outdoor fun. 


Devi Ruitersbosch

Devi Kids Ruitersbosch is located next to the International School Breda, close to Mastbos forest.

Our beautiful new bilangual (Dutch & English) Early Learning Centre is an old house where we have 4 magical learning hubs that inspire the wonder, curiosity and imagination for children aged 10 weeks to 12 years. The outdoor learning environment is an extension of the indoors with a strong focus on eco-philosophies and sustainability.

Devi Outside School Club

At the Devi Kids outside school club, sports, games, relaxation and support are central. With a variety of activities appropriate to the age, we challenge the children to move, laugh and love. It is wonderful to be free and to see the world from their own experience.

Schools: International School Breda, Montessori & Petrus en Paulus

Chef prepared nutritious meals

Cherish and protect our natural world

Convenience and peace of mind

Active, growing bodies require excellent nutrition and our seasonal menus are created by our Chefs with this in mind. Our Chefs also provide culinary lessons where children learn the importance of nourishing their bodies while preparing wholesome snacks.

To foster children’s appreciation and respect for our precious resources, Green Leaves has a strong focus on developing environmental awareness.  To achieve this, we encourage children to explore their natural world through sustainable playscapes, vegetable gardens and composting and through the discovery of ecological systems.

Nappies, linen, hats, nutritious meals, snacks and activities such as yoga and language classes, even visiting shows and excursions are all conveniently included.  The only thing you need to think about is packing a spare change of clothes.

Devi News


Healthy Childcare

Discover nature, practice yoga and during lunch a fresh bowl of couscous or oatmeal instead of the standard sandwich. A healthy lifestyle and awareness are central to Devi Kids. Recently Devi Kids received the label "Healthy Childcare".