We know that care excellence is where it all begins.  Our passionate and professional teams are committed to giving careful attention to every child and every relationship during your child’s educational journey. Our mission to not only provide childcare services but to have a positive impact on each and every child.

Our centres have an international character. We have a direct partnership with the International School Breda. This allows us to share our expertise and use it to set up continuous learning pathways, to integrate policy, vision and to innovate.

Devi Kids wants children to grow up healthy. That is why we work on Healthy Childcare. Because the earlier children learn healthy behavior, the better. They will benefit from this for the rest of their lives. Childcare offers unique opportunities to give young children a healthy start. Devi Kids is officially labeled as Gezonde Kinderopvang (Healthy Childcare).


Let's Dance Together!

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At Devi, laughter is a matter of course. We challenge the children to laugh as much as possible. Life is fun, beautiful and full of challenges. Through love, attention and creativity, a child can develop with a big smile.


From the day we are born our learning process begins. This learning process is different for everyone and

requires individual attention. We teach a child to find his own basis, its own  individuality. We learn from and with each other.


A life is what you get. Life is what you make of it. There is so much to see, learn and discover. Together with the children we go out and make every day fun, challenging and special.


Experiencing love is the source of our lives. From this source we can grow as individuals. Love is in the heart of the world, and with it we make sure that the children get everything they need.


We lay the foundations necessary to give children the best possible start to their life long learning journey


Service excellence is where it all begins, giving careful attention to every task and every relationship


We recognise our role in guiding our children to protect and cherish our natural world

Our people

We are nothing without our people. We value professionalism, passion and reward achievement. In order for our people to create inspiring and effective learning journeys, we must also invest in their own learning journeys. This approach helps ensure our people remain loyal, inspired and motivated to providing high-quality educational experiences each and every day.